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What will practicing karate do for me physically and

Practicing karate will improve your ability to focus completely on the task
at hand, regardless of whether the task is physical, academic or other. As
self-defense skills are improved through repetitious practice your body
improves its overall conditioning. Karate practice taps each of the three
main areas of good physical health: Strength (isometric), Aerobic training
and Flexibility of joints and muscles. These comprehensive benefits  are
a by-product of the training - You concentrate on practicing the form and
the conditioning happens as you train. Skills are developed at an  individual
pace. Developing a special skill such as karate, being more comfortable
with your body and how it moves, and being more fit almost guarantees a
more fulfilling and energetic lifestyle. Karate practice provides the vehicle
for those who enjoy it.
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What is the best martial art for me?  
This is completely an individual decision. Our style is very popular because it utilizes natural and linear movements of the body. You don’t need to be athletic, possess exceptional coordination skills or be in outstanding physical condition. What I typically suggest is that you observe a few different martial art schools and try the one that seems to be the most attractive to your needs.
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How do I know that I have a good instructor?
By examining his or her credentials and evaluating your comfort level with
that instructor after meeting them- it’s that simple! What I like about the
OkiKuKai organization is that no instructor is permitted to teach in an
“isolated vacuum”. In other words, I am an actively training advanced
student and have an instructor that is further developing my understanding
and skills all the time. My instructor’s teacher resides in Okinawa and the
combination of visits from him and visits by my instructor to Okinawa
produce a quality product for every student who enters a school in our
association. The result: I don’t simply teach you what I have “learned”, but
rather what I am still “learning and developing” at a more advanced level
myself. I never forget what it is like to be a student because I am  still one
and always will be.
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What about you?
I am an authorized representative of the Okinawan Karate-Do  Association (OkiKuKai) of Okinawa, Japan. I began my training in 1968 and earned my first-degree black belt in 1974. In 2005 I traveled to Okinawa where I was tested by Senior Masters and promoted to 8th Dan Black Belt (Kiyoshi Hachidan, Okinawa-Registered #43). I am a member of the USA New England Test Board qualifying Uechi-style black belt candidates up through 6th Dan Black Belt.
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What is your philosophy?
I have always found that all students (especially newcomers) DON’T CARE WHAT YOU KNOW, BUT WANT TO KNOW IF YOU  CARE! Obviously, it's important to be qualified and able to provide the technical karate training to students (of all ages) and bring that student to as advanced a level of progress as their desire demands. But far more important is the consistency of quality instruction and being treated in a professional and caring manner. Karate training is simply another vehicle for people to gain better control over their lives (e.g.: get in touch with themselves) while improving their overall physical condition. Goals are individual, but real 21st century self-defense is about stress and health management. My teaching style offers a consistent and supportive  learning environment for all ages and levels of ability. That I guarantee.
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